Sunday, June 28, 2015

Blossoming Success

My first card workshop went swimmingly.  I spent all morning preparing.


As much as I prepared, those girls still through me for a loop.  They were such a fun group and boy, are they creative!  They were tweaking things, cutting things, rotating things...and they all ended up with completely unique sets of cards.  It was better than I could have ever planned for.

If you missed this workshop, don't worry.  I'll be hosting another one very soon.  Workshops and events are posted on my Facebook page.

If you aren't local and you want to make these lovely cards for yourself, you can purchase the Workshops on the Go Blossom Cardmaking Kit from my shopping site while it is still available.  The set will yield 15 cards (3 of each design).  It does not include ink, acrylic blocks, glue, or scissors.  Just make sure to add those to your order if you don't already have them.  Send me pictures of your cards too!  I'd love to see your masterpieces.

Those gals wore me out, so now it's off to bed.  Have a great night!