Sunday, June 21, 2015

Clearing the Clutter - Feels Oh So Good!

Hello Trinkets!  I have been a busy, busy little bee.

There is nothing better than cleaning up and clearing out!  I find something delicious in releasing the things that no longer serve me to make room for new things and new possibilities!

As a new consultant for Close To My Heart, I thought it was about high time that I cleaned the enormous mountain of paperwork off of my desks, throw out all of the crazy things that I have been hap-haphazardly tossing into the drawers (as opposed to finding real homes for them), and create room for all of my crafting supplies. The Summer Solstice was yesterday, so maybe I was just vibing off of that wonderful sunny energy!

It took me the better part of 3 hours and at least two dust rags, but I finally accomplished what I set out to do.  I feel good!

My drawers have a little more rhyme and reason now.

Next Sunday's workshop, awaiting the fun.

Best of all, the little gifts for all of the girls coming on Sunday.

To see how I created those sweet little gift boxes, watch this tutorial from my YouTube channel.

I hope this inspire you to take a look at your craft area and jazz it up a bit.  Happy Summer Solstice my gems!