Friday, July 10, 2015

The Big WHY - Why I Share CTMH With You

When operating any business, the business owner has to have a "why." What drives them?

 Is it money? Is it freedom from schedules? Is it the power to make the decisions and do things their own way? Or is it something deeper?

 I already own a business. It pays the bills and I am darned good at it. But it doesn't feed my creativity or my passion. It doesn't feed my soul. So I started my Close To My Heart business also. It feeds my soul. It's a business that is definitely heart-centered. I get to create and be passionate about what I am creating. More importantly, I get to share it and help others explore their own creativity!

 Here are some perfect examples of how you can decorate your life through Close To My Heart. You don't have to be a pro - Close To My Heart makes it so easy.

Contact me or go to my web site to find out more about Close To My Heart.  I'd love to help you host a Make & Take gathering to get free products or to join my team and share your passion with others!  August is a great time to join my team because they just revamped the New Consultant Kit! 


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