Wednesday, February 8, 2017

10 CTMH Gifts Under $30

One thing I think people forget about Direct Sales companies is that when you purchase from them, you get your own Personal Shopper.  That's me!  I'm your very own Close To My Heart personal shopper.  Maybe you don't have time to do the shopping you want to do, or maybe you just don't like shopping.  I can help with that!  I have lots of ideas for you and 95% of my ideas are good ones.

I've got some great ideas for gifts under $30 while supplies last. These ideas could be for the crafty person in your life, but many don't necessarily have anything to do with being crafty.  Or maybe you just want to gift yourself something.  Check it out:

1.) An Accessory Roll-Up can be used for crafty bits, but it can also be used as a travel bag for jewelry and hair accessories.  $18.95
 2.) This Tee is extremely comfy (I bought myself 2 of them), it has a really cute design, AND it helps a good cause - Operation Smile.  $25.00
3.)  Everybody uses Shoulder Totes.  If you are going to use one, why not get a fashionable one?  This one comes with a sweet little charm on it and it's made of nice, sturdy material.  $26.95
4.) There are some great clearance deals going on right now.  Pick up an album, some photo pockets, and Picture My Life cards.  Whoever gets this gift can put together an awesome looking album in mere minutes.  $16.43 if you get only one style of photo pockets.  $23.38 if you get both styles for mixing and matching.
5.)  How about a planner?  Yes I know it's February.  But this planner is ALSO a Coloring Book!  And we all know adult coloring is the big fad right now.  (I loooove mine.)  $15.95
6.)  Do you know somebody who wants to get into crafting, but doesn't know where to start?  How about a pre-cut kit.  This Forever & Always Kit makes a 2 page layout to put in a scrapbook or hang in 12x12 frames on display.  It takes less than 20 minutes to put together.  $14.95
7.) Maybe you need a gift for somebody who is crafty, but already has all the supplies they need.  They can still use inspiration! (Can't we all?) How about a book on some ideas for cards or scrapbook layouts?  $14.95
8.) Some people are taking that adult coloring fad to the next level and trying out Watercolor Painting.  These paints are really high quality.  $20.90
9.) Maybe you know somebody who leaves notes everywhere.  They would probably love a magnetic chalkboard to write their notes on or stick notes up with magnets.  They can even decorate it to make it unique with some sticker embellishments.  $15.75
10.)  We all know that one person who just wants to glitterfy everything.  (Who am I kidding?  It's me!)  Here is the ultimate glitter essentials gift idea.  Glitter sticker embellishments, sparkles, and a shimmer brush.  I don't think there is anything that can't be glittered with these three things.  $20.75
If you are ever stuck for gift ideas, just contact me.  I'm sure I can come up with some crazy idea for you!  Or peek through my Clearance section and see what kinds of things you can come up with on your own.  Just be sure to allow about a week for shipping.

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